Mutate and Peter Dunne’s ANTI-GREED GIVE-AWAY IS HERE!

March 18th, 2011
Helllloooooo London.

Pete Dunne has been squirreled away in Cordy House for weeks, painting, painting, painting – and finally his epic mission is coming to an end. 300 signed originals to be given away on 31.3.2011 in the heart of The City of London, EC2M 5ND. Join the Mutate Facebook page for more pics and info. Starts at 1pm but arrive early to avoid disappointment – you’ll be treated to a white gloved gallery experience from our courteous staff, each piece is unique and there are over 40 styles to choose from, all are topical and poignant:

Pete is highly respected in Mutate circles for his work as an oil painter which sells for ┬úthousands, see ‘Mamon’ below:

Now, I don’t know about you but I am with MERVYN KING, THE GOVERNOR OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND when I say “I’m surprised the real anger (at the banks) hasn’t been greater than it has” and, “The people whose jobs were destroyed were in no way responsible for the excesses of the financial sector and the crisis that followed.” – NOT MY WORDS – THE GOVERNOR OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND!!!

So – in support of The Robin Hood Tax, which would raise billions to stop cuts to our frontline services and benefit poor people in the UK and abroad, Pete Dunne has painted 300 works which we are giving away – to set an example, to say STOP profiteering at the expense of the human race and START accepting responsibility for your actions! Each piece carries a personal message from people across the UK who are concerned over cuts or angry at the banks…

…and here’s a reminder from the great Bill Nighy of our last outing in support of the RHT – if you’d have told me then that most of Europe would have signed up to support a tax on banks by 31.3.2011 I’d have doubted you! But they have – so now it’s up to us say to say: Oi! Cameron! The Banks are responsible – make them pay! NOW!