Scrap Art: The Fun Way to Be Proud of Your Unwanted Items

Art using scrap Do you have some unwanted items that need to be thrown out? Why not turn them into an art project instead? This is a new trend, called scrap art. Scrap artists take all of their unwanted items and use them as materials for their artwork. It’s an easy way to upcycle old things! In this post, we’ll share 15 ways that you can make your own scrap art with just a few minutes of effort each day!

Scrap Metal as Art

Scrap metal art is useful and fun! You can make anything from a simple wall hanging to an entire abstract sculpture. This type of scrap art makes for great gifts, too. All you need are some unwanted pliers or screwdrivers as well as two different colors of spray paint (one lighter color like white and one darker shade like red). Spay paint the metal and let it dry. Then, use a glue gun to make shapes on your scrap metal art. The great part about this project is that you can really go as creative or as simple as you’d like!

Scrap Wood as Mixed Media Art

This is another popular type of scrap art since wood doesn’t cost too much (unless it’s stained). Using some leftover pieces from furniture projects will allow you to create something new without spending any money at all! All you need are two colors of acrylic paint in contrasting shades for this one; plus brushes, gloves, sand paper (if necessary), and an old rag. Get started by painting your board with the lighter color first then adding splatters onto it using the darker color. After it dries, you can use the rag or sandpaper to make your scrap wood art look aged if desired!

Scrap Metal Art With Steel Wool

This is one of the more creative ways that people are creating their own scrap metal art with unwanted items. Instead of spray painting metal like most artists do in this type of project, steel wool is used instead. You’ll want some leftover pieces from kitchen utensils (which would normally be thrown away) for this project; also safety goggles and gloves since there will be sparks when using the wire brush on top of the steel wool! The process couldn’t get any easier: just grab a jar lid filled with water to increase conductivity between your piece of scrap metal and the steel wool. Then, use the wire brush to create sparks until your scrap metal art is fully covered in rust!

Scrap Wood Art With Wax Paper and Acrylic Paint

This scrap wood project involves “painting” with wax paper instead of paint brushes. All you need are some unwanted pieces of pine or cedar for this one as well as a lighter color acrylic paint (like white), flat-coated craft glue, wax paper, scissors, an old rag or sponge brush to apply the glue onto your board with, and something stiff like cardboard to put behind it all while drying overnight. The process starts by putting down two coats of plain glue on top of your wooden board; let that dry first before applying any wax paper designs later. Then, use your scissors to cut out whatever design you want in the wax paper. After that’s done, put some glue on top of it and apply another piece of wax paper over that; then just smooth it all down with a sponge brush or old rag!

Scrap Metal Art With Spray Paint and Glue Gun

This is definitely one way to make scrap art with unwanted items but requires more materials than most other projects do. You’ll need an extra bottle of spray paint (one color lighter like white plus one darker shade), Elmer’s school glue or gorilla superglue (stronger hold for when using metal), cardboard backing board, pen knife/screwdriver/pliers/wire cutter combo tool set, wire mesh, and gloves. Start by spray painting your metal pieces then let them dry for a few minutes before beginning the gluing process with Elmer’s glue or gorilla superglue on top of it! After that, attach some wire mesh onto your scrap art to add more texture while still keeping all the details from underneath intact.

Scrap Wood Art With Stain

This is another simple but beautiful way to make something new out of unwanted items like wood without spending any money at all! You’ll want some stained pieces for this one which you can get from old furniture if necessary; also an extra piece of plywood board, pencil/pencil crayon (for drawing), scissors, sand paper (if necessary), tape measurer (optional), and a paint brush. Draw out your design on the board and carefully cut it with scissors before sanding down all of the edges like you would for any other type of wood project (if necessary). After that, put some stains over top of them then let dry overnight!

Scrap Wood Art With Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium

This scrap wood art uses photo transfer medium instead of paint brushes but requires both leftover pieces from cutting down trees as well as an extra piece of plywood board (for drying), pencil/pencil crayon (to draw out any designs first on either material), scissors, sandpaper set, tape measurer (optional), photocopies of photos you want transferred onto your wood, Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium (for sealing and preserving), and a paint brush. Begin by drawing out your design on either material then cutting it with scissors; sand all of the edges if necessary afterwards per usual wood project practices before applying photocopies onto them for photo transfer medium to seal in! After that is completed, put some over top of them plus let dry overnight or until completely finished depending on how many layers were used!

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