New pictures of Cordy House in it’s prime…

October 21st, 2010
So, Chu’s genius 3D cube is opening next Thursday – and that’s official. Check the skills, video coming soon, get ready for GRAFFITI CUBED, it’s brand new, it’s completely original and it’s OPENING THIS THURSDAY 28th OCTOBER! 7PM, AT CORDY HOUSE, CURTAIN ROAD, SHOREDITCH, EC2A 3BS… And feast your eyes on Cordy’s latest creations: Pictured is our CCTV camera with it’s evil eye on the City of London, also Mr. E Dawe (piece titled ‘Open Hearted’), Teddy Baden (Flying Dogs), couples in flagrante by Mator and Solo One’s very own etchings to the right of Baden’s dogs…. Here’s a a pic of Cordy showing Chu’s cube, Ludo’s lenticular on the pulled back shutters, David Walker to the right and a couple of cheeky pieces by Gwarm and T.wat….