Invitation to The Herd – open from Nov 26th

Meet original writer Duster UA on Sat December 4th

One off chance to meet Duster UA and hear the history from the man himself…

Sweatshoppe video painting Cordy House

So last month the New Yorkian digital master craftsmen Sweatshoppe paid us a visit during their tour of Europe. They brought their unique invention with them and, as this previous post points out they painted raw video art up onto the building. It’s art at the corners of technology. Future skill.

We liked them so much that are now officially part of the family – so expect more genius! But for now here’s the short video they made with a hello from your author at the start… gert lush!

SWEATSHOPPE video [email protected] Cordy House from SWEATSHOPPE on Vimeo.

Graffiti Cubed – World First 3D Graffiti Experience – now open – new video – yeah yeah wah wah!!!

What are you doing? Get down here and see this immediately. It’s free and location details are a few posts down the page…

Don’t miss Best Ever’s first solo show on Thurs Nov 11th

Seriously, don’t miss it, these guys wield a spray can like no other – their ability and style is such that they’re primed to cross over in the world of money anytime soon – perhaps even at this very show…

They’ve been painting with Mutate Britain for sometime now and teamed up with our other mega skilled friends the Dead Leg crew to paint the most epic wall at our One Foot in the Grove show last year. Oh, and they made the chicken puke when we were pratting about and they we’re in our film One Day at Cordy House. We like them. See below for flyer / epic wall / and videos – and don’t miss the show now y’hear?! As Garfield once said, “Their photorealism is unreal.” The private view is at Blackall Studios on Thurs 11th from 6pm RSVP to [email protected]