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Troopers: We are back in full support of The Robin Hood Tax Campaign!

Now is the time for this simple and revolutionary idea.

On the 14th of January the French and the Germans changed the game when they lead the charge for a tax on banks. Cameron is sitting on the fence. Now is the time to make your voice heard if you care about right and wrong. Check the Robin Hood Tax website – and watch this space for news.

Last year, as Carrie Reichardt pointed out with the below piece, bankers were paid £7 billion in bonuses. This is a fundamental social injustice. That money could have been spent on for example: 32 new hospitals or free education for 800,000 of our most promising students. For the gimzo (supported by official figures) that shows you how banks bonuses might better be spent, look here.


It is only fair that banks pay their share.
The public are rightly angry that banks took our economy to the brink, but we are paying to clear up the mess. Whilst we feel the effects of the cuts and tax rises, they are receiving billions in bonuses. A Robin Hood Tax would show we really are all in this together as it would fall on those who can afford to pay.

The Robin Hood Tax offers a real alternative to cuts.
Banks in the UK can afford to pay an extra £20 billion a year in tax. This offers a real alternative to cuts in public services that will hurt millions of people in the UK and around the world. The choice between helping those here in the UK and abroad is a false choice; a Robin Hood Tax on banks is a fair and practical way to do both.

We can turn a crisis for banks into an opportunity for the world.
Millions of poor people at home and abroad are suffering from an economic crisis they did nothing to cause and millions more are facing the devastating effects of climate change. A Robin Hood Tax can raise hundreds of billions globally to help them.

It’s been some time since Dr D, Carrie Reichardt, Kennard-Phillips, Pete Dunne and Dotmasters brought their work together for an exhibition we ran in support of The Robin Hood Tax. Here’s a video reminder, featuring exemplary gentleman Bill Nighy:

Next we plan a new series of supporting artwork in the form of campaign banners. Let’s unite beneath them. Let’s take to the streets and show that we are engaged, that we care and that we have had enough!


Ouroboros: The History of the Universe from bruno levy on Vimeo.

Video artist Ali Hossaini teams up with artists Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy, aka SWEATSHOPPE, to present Ouroboros: The History of the Universe. Over 30,000 images combine to tell the story of cosmic evolution in an immersive 3D video environment generated by SWEATSHOPPE’s own software. The artwork was inspired by Hossaini’s investigations into the psychology of vision and SWEATSHOPPE’s interest in the hypnotic, meditative and mind-altering potential of the moving image.

New Chile PICTURES from Rod Palmer

Here’s the latest on the Chile sense from our erstwhile correspondent Dr Rod Palmer. In case you didn’t know Rod is an aficionado on the the writers and street painters in Argentina, Chile and other less traveled corners – at least from a European’s point of view. He wrote this fine tome on some of the main protagonists in Chile. It’s a great read and highlights the Marxist routes of Street Art in Chile as well as beautifully illustrating the contemporary scene at the time it went to press.  And… in true Marxist style… You can BUY IT HERE.

Here are Rod’s latest observations…

New River Plate styles I last popped up for Mutate Britain about Chilean graffiti writers Juana Perez, LRM and Charquipunk in Rosario, Argentina, where Uruguayan Lälin painted alongside them.  Of the four, Lälin made the best splash on Rosario´s river Paraná waterfront: with a large paste up of her character, like Latin herself a  left-hander, holding a knife dripping blood.

Meanwhile Analia, founder -leader of the Stickboxing Federation, made a composite piece, looking to Japan´s Takashi Murakami, though Analia´s flowers, which include flores dentadas, are more varied and challenging than Murakami´s smiley-faced flowers.

In Buenos Aires, LRM and Charqui painted with Argentinians Ice, and Itu who signs himself Pelos de Plumas (meaning Hair of Feathers).

Ice and Pelos de Plumas are both outside Buenos Aires´ established street art ´ghetto´, who excel at ilustración type characters in látex: Gaulicho paints impressively big; Pum Pum self-portraits nattily signed ´pum´ … ´pum´ in the black látex lines within her blonde mane.

Of fellow graffiti writers in Buenos Aires, Itu looks most to Mart and Poeta (both are in Maximiliano Ruiz´ Graffiti Argentina, T&H 2008, and we look forward to Max´s Latin American Street Art).

In December Ice was but Pelos de Plumas was not invited to a self defeatingly ´exclusivo´ graffiti event in Buenos Aires.  Originally from Neuquén, 1150km south west of the capital, Pelos de Plumas is pioneering a ´nuevo estilo rioplatense´ (New Rio de la Plata style).  This new style uses the spray can like a pencil; intervenes in urban spaces, not just unrolling a graffiti onto the wall; systematically integrates the drip effects of latex and spray paints.

If graffiti and street art are, or were, outsider activities, those who don´t fit into graffiti crews and meetings are doubly interesting.  I think also of Antofagasta´s Izak, and Santiago de Chile´s Fis.  Fis is a misfit because un-biddable; Izak and Pelos de Plumas because they are uncompromising artists.  Ability is not the issue: Pelos de Plumas is very good at painting, including high up on ladders, and can greatly enhance any collective wall.

Pelos de Plumas is best at doing entire walls, such as his Ve y vive / Ven y vive (See and live / come and live) in Mar del Plata.

Pelos de Plumas abstracts his figures to varying degrees, and adds short but effective texts, to express the aqui y ahora (here-and-now).

Rod Palmer, Chile/Argentina, January 2011.


HIT+RUN, VTech, Earnest Endeavours and Protein present
Kutmah “Two Soups & A Honeybun” Art Show & After Party

Art show runs January 19-February 13th at Protein 18 Hewitt Street London.

After Party on Wednesday 19th January, 9pm – 1am.

Kutmah DJ Sketchbook / Hit+Run / Dublab | LA
Dorian Concept LIVE Kindred Spirits | Vienna
Teebs LIVE Brainfeeder | LA
Jams LIVE Earnest Endeavours | LA
Patchwork Pirates DJ Earnest Endeavours | LDN
with exclusive designs by Kutmah

Secret Hoxton Location TBA. Look here for updates.

£8 adv. Tickets from Ticketweb.
£10 door. Ticket Price includes*

*Bespoke Hit+Run live screenprinted Kutmah tee

*Ltd Edition Jams F Kennedy x EE “A Heart-Breaking Work of Swagger & G Ness “ mixtape

*Ltd Edition Kutmah x Hit & Run “The New Error” mixtape

*Mad H+R / Kutmah / EE stickers and merch

Available on the night will be the “Two Soups & A Honeybun” London exclusive print series, sold in a set of 3, 18” x 24” prints, 150 limited edition sets and printed by OBEY GIANT


Towns RT & Roid in China – sick video!

Only a vague Mutate connection here – Towns painted at One Foot in the Grove towards the end of 2009. Now it looks like he and Roid have been to China on a mission – and they’ve returned with this EXCELLENT video, beautifully shot so had to whack it up for your ocular enjoyment:

Towns & Roid in China from Plastic Bones on Vimeo.

Dead Leg, Best Ever, Dotmaster painting at Cordy House

Well, happy new year all crew – hope the vibes were right and you didn’t kill your parents. As 2010 commits itself to the annals of history we remember the good times – Glastonbury, Newport, Chu’s World First hand painted 3D Graffiti installation, the Whitecross Street Party… and many more moments, to many to mention. Now, 2011 shows a terrifying amount of promise. Deep in the jungle something is mutating. The natives are getting restless. So much so that Bleech, Zadok, Dotmasters and Best Ever battled abominable snow conditions to add a new lick to the front of Cordy House: Teddy Baden has also been active, dreaming of dog sausage: Meanwhile we’ve had a whole heap of bombing action inside the building as part of Don’t Watch That.tv and Trailer Park events:

PS – just watched THIS short film on dontwatchthat.tv – a brilliant piece by Director Sean Dunne about the collector with the world’s largest archive of vinyl. Do watch it.