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In 2008, Mutate Britain came to life: Joe Rush and Alex ‘Wreckage’ Wright approached Liam Hayhow and Garfield Hackett in Cordy House, the first exhibition was born and the family gathered around. We’ve had two main events, Behind the Shutters (Cordy House ‘08) and One Foot in the Grove (Portobello Rd ‘09) which attracted over 50,000 visitors, we love new projects and this summer we made our debut at Glastonbury, thanks to the Mutoid’s legendary history! Our events build a party atmosphere around military scale sculptures, live performances, mechanical fire breathing wonders, huge paintings by international artists, a licensed bar – you know, that sort of thing…

CORDY HOUSE FAMILY Beginning in 2008, Garfield Hackett and Liam Hayhow made Cordy House, a disused warehouse building on Curtain Road, a beacon of creative independence for talented artists that roam the saturated streets of Shoreditch. The Cordy Family (Hayhow, Hackett, Teddy Baden, Dhugal Harrison, Jack Lomax, Hugo Toland and others) work together to conceive, create and promote Mutate Britain events. The World’s leading Street Artists continue to grace the walls of the building and are encouraged to push their talent and collaborate in developing the London faction of this worldwide arts movement. This video gives an insight into One Day at Cordy House:

MUTOID WASTE COMPANY The Mutoid Waste Company are some of the most infamous founders of modern counter culture. Their influence should not be underestimated. Their story is epic. Founded by Joe Rush and Robin Cooke c.1984 at the Apocalypse Hotel on Freston Road, Ladbroke Grove, their style can be linked to such icons and movements as Neal Cassady (On The Road) and Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters. The Mutoids have made a significant mark on Glastonbury Festival, toured the world at the vanguard of the Acid House scene, hi-jacked a MIG fighter from Russia, built sculptures on the Berlin Wall, influenced Damien Hirst and more recently have created spectacles at the world’s biggest festivals. Find out more on the History page.
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