MuTATE at night

GROVEATNIGHT_imagebyROMANYWG The place really comes alive as the sun sets and night falls on W10. The bar is open till 10pm and delicious food is on offer. Come and sit on the sofas and enjoy artwork, sculpture, photography and more like never before.

Weekend preview

Thanks to all the got down over the weekend and saw some of the artists and Mutoids in action. We will be hard at work over the next week in preparation for the launch on Friday. Spread the word and keep tuned for more images and general nice ups.

Cook Up Session at One Foot… yuh huh huh hummm…

Have a look at the Food page… Andi Oliver is in charge and that means you’re in for sumfing a likke bit delicious innit. The idea is that you’ll be looked after when you visit¬† so you can yak away and spend all day having nice and leisurely good times. Now that can’t be a bad idea…

Keeping you warm on these cold, cold days

We have just had pictures through of the ‘coffee bike’ – this will be the centrepiece of the cafe area at muTATEBRITAIN making all our hot drinks..!!! Its so god damn bitterly cold at the moment we wan the bike to arrive right now! Though we have it on good information that it will be on its way very soon ( thanks Alex!) ¬† pc0800221pc080021