Floss drops it a One Foot in the Grove

Yes Floss, we’re listening, tell them! Directed by Hugo Levien at One Foot last year ‘ reaches the parts other cameras cannot reach’ !!! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0leDP0bcPw]

Dan Hillier wins

Yes Dan Hillier! This amination is excellence! And big ups to Losers + Riz MC & Envy – Riz, you’re big in the club (sandwich) bro! Love it. Dan did the art, and Tom Werber did the animationing and directerizing. And they did it proper. The boss track ‘Flush’ is out on 5th April on Distiller Records… and Dan has just released a set of prints which I suggest you buy before you spend it. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsaLyUTDGTo&feature=player_embedded]

MuTATE at night

GROVEATNIGHT_imagebyROMANYWG The place really comes alive as the sun sets and night falls on W10. The bar is open till 10pm and delicious food is on offer. Come and sit on the sofas and enjoy artwork, sculpture, photography and more like never before.

Weekend preview

Thanks to all the got down over the weekend and saw some of the artists and Mutoids in action. We will be hard at work over the next week in preparation for the launch on Friday. Spread the word and keep tuned for more images and general nice ups.

'The Clash' London's burning 1976

Out of the Shadow – Part 2


‘When I think of the punk years, I always think of one particular spot, just at the point where the elevated Westway diverges from Harrow Road and pursues the line of the Hammersmith and City tube tracks to Westbourne Park Station. From the end of 1976, one of the stanchions holding up the Westway was emblazoned with large graffiti which said simply, ‘The Clash’. When first sprayed the graffiti laid a psychic boundary marker for the group – This was their manor, this was how they saw London.’ Jon Savage ‘Punk London’ Evening Standard 1991

‘All across the town, all across the night, everybody’s driving with full head lights, black or white turn it on face the new religion, everybody’s sitting round watching television, London’s burning with boredom now, London’s burning dial 999, Up and down the Westway, in and out the lights, what a great traffic system, it’s so bright, I can’t think of a better way to spend the night than speeding around underneath the yellow lights.’ The Clash ‘London’s Burning’ 1976

Info and image from Tom Vague’s History of Notting Hill more here

More rocking n rolling on the way… don’t touch that dial!

The adventures of Lyle Dog and the Murderbot Mixtape

Our flaming nostrill mechanical superstar LRRY from the Mutoid’s Italian connection Lyle Dog features on a new mix on the Mad Decent blog. Mad Decent is the brandchild of DJ/Producer Diplo and family, genrally keeping everyone on their toes with eclectic collaborations and excellent live performances. Listen to the ‘Murderbot Mix’ here. And just incase you missed it watch the video/animation ‘Adventure of Lyle Dog‘ at the legendary Cordy House. Enjoy!
MAD DECENT MIX 'Murderbot aka Lyle the Dog'