A video intro to the incredible Paka

Paka is a true genius. As well as the fire horse shown in this video he recently made the giant flaming dragon that burned the house down at our Glastonbury Warm up party. Big respect!

NEW FEATURE – direct from South America!

The Street Art scene in South America is astounding. Everyone is talking about Brazillian Street Art with good reason – but what about the thriving Chilean scene and the developing styles of Argentina and Paraguay? At One Foot in the Grove we were very happy to host this work by Wolf and PXL from Chile… …and we’ve got links to South America so watch this space for reports on the distinct and amazing styles happening over there. For now, check this video from Denotes hip hop & graffiti crew, of Asunción, Paraguay. Joma & Kast of Denotes are MCs and graffiti writers. In the background, there are typographic throw ups by them, and by Above, who came through Asunción.  Above and Denotes have been to Brazil, and their letters incorporate the Brazilian pixaçao lettering style. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHiUB0vadL8&feature=related]

Videos and the bubbling Dutchie

Yo, here’s Chu’s video from One Foot in the Grove, ultimate big ups to him for making it – we love videos! So, if you’ve made one, whack the mother up on the Tube of You and ping the details over here. Lots of excting things bubbling away in the Dutchie, we’ll keep on posting Mutate British business and expect events to unfold in the next few months – so fingers off the dial! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcVxdfOpVU]

Lrry Brings the Fire!

Another massive thanks that’s been a long time coming must go to Lyle Rowell, the mastermind behind Lrry the fire burning bull that breaths flame and made an incredible spectacle at both the Behind the Shutters and One Foot in the Grove shows. Lrry and Lyle even make a brief cameo in our Mutate Chicken stop frame film. To get more details and step into the twisted genius world of Lyle’s creations have a look at www.doghead.tv. Here’s a video of the unique madness from our first show… [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14wSC9798JQ]

Filthy Luker makes the world go around…

Filthy Luker is one in a million becuse he makes inflateable street art. He’s installed his work at both Mutate Britian shows and both times he’s made the event better than it would have been without him – we love his unique style and silly but pertinent slant. Here’s a pic of his giant tentacles sprawling from the roof of Cordy House at our first ‘Behind the Shutters’ show… …Luker has kept on evolving his style to address different aspects of city living, have a look and make your own mind up about what’s going on beyond the obvious, here’s Tentaclaus who you might have seen at One Foot in the Grove… …also, he says that, “In an effort not to be pigeon holed as an over inflated artist, I went into pigeons.” These brilliant feathered sculptures are a series and are proper head turners, if you’re paying attention that is…

Chu's genius goes straight over your head…

Right at the start of the show Chu came and painted an amazing piece of perspective painting that you have to look at through a mirror he also installed. Most people are missing it – not least because of Joe’s massive chopper (ahem).  You should have a look at the video and 360 degree images on Chu’s ’site HERE. Absolute attention to detail and innovation – what other artist you know investigates the inside of the structure they’re painting on?! Here’s an image of the finshed piece but get down to the last weekend of the show and see it for yourself… if you can find the magic mirror!

Fire Burning Fashion Spectacular on Saturday!

After dark this Saturday, Mutate Britain will host an extraordinary fire breating fashion spectacular! The fashion and styles of designers Conchita Perez and Rachel Freire will be modeled by the stunning ctawalk queens Lucifire and reigning Alternative Miss World, Miss Fancy Chance. With super special guests to be announced… This is going to be an extraordinary show to make your eyes blow and your knee caps go uh-oh. Dj extraordinaire, Mini Da Minx will be providing the sounds and unveiling her new release, ”Frisk my Disco” out now on Sokalov Sounds. With flame throwing spectaculars by Jo Peacock and her Freaks and the Uncredible Paka and his android horse, what more could we possibly throw into the mix? Come and find out…

New Video: Mutating Chickens attack One Foot in the Grove!

So we made a new video. This one is a chicken based timelapse by artists Best Ever and Dead Leg. Big thanks to them and Charlie and may jah bless Mutate Britain. Last one of these shorts for a bit I think, next is bigger and better so best keep tuned in. Why not click the tab for more info on Film Festival Fridays too? Thanks to everyone who’s been and liked it, plans for 2010 brewing like Liam’s tea… [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73iGIFBHZ9w]

Old school dons bring back the graf to Mutate!

We’re well happy to have armoured our outer shell with some legendary London writers. The outside of Mutate is now owned by Towns RT, Achy GFS, Fuel CCD, Cazbee DSS, Skore TRC, Crok, Mear, Elate, Zadok and Don… and what a job they’ve done representing all styles and generations – our thanks and big ups to them all. The top image is Cazbee’s Cazism the legendary window down on Hammersmith and City line train from nearly 20 years ago – a historic piece from the Capitals rich graffiti history – if only this rolling stock was still running past the show! Inside the show is an epic piece by Elate, one of his best ever it literally rips the wall to bits and would kill anyone standing in it’s way! Check it and find him online here. See if you can find the other Elate at the show – it’s a cupboard full of surprises more to come on that one! Thanks to Elate and Hersha Petal for the pics…

We are open on Wednesdays – so come see Teddy Baden's sick puppy!

We are now open from 6pm on Wednesdays too, so get down to One Foot in the Grove and come and see the best art in the country – no bullshit! One of my favourite stencils ever is also on show, Sick Puppy by Teddy Baden is a masterpiece… see if you can track it down, it’s tucked away for the aficionados to find…