Inside Teddy Baden's kennel

Is Mutate cornerstone Teddy Baden the most proficient stencil artist in the world? I don’t know, I’m just asking. These new pics from his studio don’t do it justice, but he’s working until he’s dog tired here: Teddy has been grafting and cutting and spraying and creating a new breed of dog, drawing on the Eastern European infulence of the Weimaraner, a legendary hunting beast: Expect his new work to feature promiently in up coming Mutate related events in and around town, and if you haven’t seen his piece on Whitecross Street hurry up, it’s been there for a year and there’s more coming: Dogs own the streets now, surely you’ve noticed? Check www.teddybaden.co.uk

Look deep into Chu's box…

So, Mutate’s Captain of British Industry, Gwarm built a box for chew with some other handy heroes. You can see a timeplapse of it’s erection here. Now, there have been a few eye tricky perspective painings (or Trompe D’Oeil if you feel like being a length) doing the rounds on the tinterweb of late – so Chu stepped up and smashed the face off these pretenders with this mind warping piece (it’s on the inside of the box). If you live in Birmingham, or perhaps are within sensible commuting distance, we recomend an inspection. Joe Rush has also made a new piece as part of this series – more to come on that very soon…

Mutational doings

Oh hello there, how’s it going? I went to see one of the Mutation Stations the other day and found Matt mid-mute with a 14 cylinder helicopter engine. It’s one artistic piece of engineering that’s about to be reborn under the supervision of metal gynacologist Mr. Joseph Rush (Phd, Mtt-cup) – who I understand is also about to give birth to a robo Tiger,  unnatural history should be taught in schools! Watch this space for more…

Fire Burning Fashion Spectacular on Saturday!

After dark this Saturday, Mutate Britain will host an extraordinary fire breating fashion spectacular! The fashion and styles of designers Conchita Perez and Rachel Freire will be modeled by the stunning ctawalk queens Lucifire and reigning Alternative Miss World, Miss Fancy Chance. With super special guests to be announced… This is going to be an extraordinary show to make your eyes blow and your knee caps go uh-oh. Dj extraordinaire, Mini Da Minx will be providing the sounds and unveiling her new release, ”Frisk my Disco” out now on Sokalov Sounds. With flame throwing spectaculars by Jo Peacock and her Freaks and the Uncredible Paka and his android horse, what more could we possibly throw into the mix? Come and find out…

Welcome to One Foot World!

Here’s a sneak peak into room one… still loads more to add – oh, that’s the bar on the left… don’t forget WE LAUNCH FRIDAY 9TH OCTOBER AT MIDDAY NEXT TO PORTOBELLO ROAD see you there! (image by RomanyWG) Mutate Britain Presents One Foot in the Grove (room 1)

MuTATE you say?


Out of the shadow – Part 1

Out of the Shadow is the title of the photography area in ‘One foot in the grove’ and will also be a regular post on the blog  providing an insight to some of the rich cultural heritage of Ladbroke Grove and the West Way.

The Latimer Road ramp was the first giant halfpipe of its kind in the UK.  This is a classic  image from the cover of RAD way back in 1987. Proof that the derlict land created by  the building of the West Way provided a breeding ground for generations of talent and style.

The sheer height also gave a valid reason to donning your kneepads when dropping in for the frst time and some of Skate boarding’s biggets names hit that ramp and the memories of that time are still fresh in their minds.


It's in safe hands

itsinsafehands_wallkandy Great image by wallkandy as the suns sets on Portobello Rd. Work continues by nightfall more images and teasers soon. Stay tuned.

Garfield says, "Hello my darlings, pick a flickr pic to look at – we have new plans brewing!"

Click here to go to our Flickr page and post a comment beneath Garfield’s feet if you’re interested in taking pics for us…


Thursday new additions

This week sees more new blood from Thursday onwards. New photographic exhibition – UNDER THE WESTWAY – TRAVELLERS IN LONDON – photographs by Elinor Fahrman & Eva Edsjo
Examples of Eva’s previous work are below
    To add to that a second new photographic exhibition by ALEX FASKO will be previewing and Chris Salewicz will also be reading extracts from his personal books about Joe Strummer & Keith Richards   If all of that make you a bit peckish then DANTES FRIED CHICKEN SHOW NYC – will be on hand showing an  exclusive screening of this cult internet phenomenom – ‘DANTES FRIED CHICKEN SHOW NYC’- featuring SANTOGOLD (in her 1st ever gig)
Dante will also be serving up a special Mutate Britain menu and an exclusive DFC fanzine with art from the celebrated 21MC collective as well as dj’s flown over specially for this launch