Sweatshoppe video painting Cordy House

So last month the New Yorkian digital master craftsmen Sweatshoppe paid us a visit during their tour of Europe. They brought their unique invention with them and, as this previous post points out they painted raw video art up onto the building. It’s art at the corners of technology. Future skill.

We liked them so much that are now officially part of the family – so expect more genius! But for now here’s the short video they made with a hello from your author at the start… gert lush!

SWEATSHOPPE video [email protected] Cordy House from SWEATSHOPPE on Vimeo.

Mad style alert! Sweatshoppe Video Graffiti on Cordy House

This week, as well as Chu’s 3D Graffiti we also welcome SWEATSHOPPE’s Video Graffiti to Cordy House. Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw tell us that they create works at the intersection of art, music and technology by developing software which allows them construct totally unique interactive performances that re-construct environments. So if you like seeing new ideas in action (if you don’t, please stop reading now) then keep an eye out for further details about when to catch this happening at Cordy House. Or have a look about 8 tonight when we’ll be road testing the technology:

The venerable dudes from NY in US and A are into all kinds of emerging new techniques and are clearly big fans of new. Whether it be as a dance driven electronic music performance that emphasizes sound reactive 3D video, building immersive installations, or the fabrication of guerrilla technologies to augment public space, the duo strive towards an element of popular accessibility that is so often ignored in the technocentric world of experimental media.

What with this and Chu’s piece opening soon we’re feeling fine about fluffing our feathers at the forefront of art innovation. Mutate or Die!