Cordy House shutters – CHU

CHU once again comes correct and steps up to provide a typographic optical illusion on the front of the now legendary Cordy House…

more from the graffiti wizard of walsall HERE

Graffiti Cubed – World First 3D Graffiti Experience – now open – new video – yeah yeah wah wah!!!

What are you doing? Get down here and see this immediately. It’s free and location details are a few posts down the page…





Every Saturday & Sunday 2pm – 7pm until Sunday 14th Novemeber.

This is a walk in one person experience. Shoes off, glasses on, step inside the 3rd dimension! (Glasses provided).

See you on Thursday…

Artwork by Chu… http://www.schudio.co.uk/blog

Cordy House by Mutate Britain http://www.mutatebritain.com/

New pictures of Cordy House in it’s prime…

So, Chu’s genius 3D cube is opening next Thursday – and that’s official. Check the skills, video coming soon, get ready for GRAFFITI CUBED, it’s brand new, it’s completely original and it’s OPENING THIS THURSDAY 28th OCTOBER! 7PM, AT CORDY HOUSE, CURTAIN ROAD, SHOREDITCH, EC2A 3BS… And feast your eyes on Cordy’s latest creations: Pictured is our CCTV camera with it’s evil eye on the City of London, also Mr. E Dawe (piece titled ‘Open Hearted’), Teddy Baden (Flying Dogs), couples in flagrante by Mator and Solo One’s very own etchings to the right of Baden’s dogs…. Here’s a a pic of Cordy showing Chu’s cube, Ludo’s lenticular on the pulled back shutters, David Walker to the right and a couple of cheeky pieces by Gwarm and T.wat….

Brand new work at Cordy House from Chu, Dotmasters, T.wat, David Walker, Mr. E Dawe, Wreckage and more…

Woop woop, we are in full swing at the moment and Cordy House is getting bombed by selected friends. In a shocking buff Wreckage cained the last Obey piece we had clinging to the outside of the building! Go Wreckage, it’s time for new, so out with old – there’s a new work by the master Mutoid going up there this week to compliment Mr. E Door’s open hearted effort that’s opposite – pics of those on way but here are the new works from Dotmasters and T.wat: Great new pieces from T.wat – there’s more pics to come and Chu’s INCREDIBLE kitchen sink scientific Graffiti Cubed walk in experience is opening next Thursday so get on the hype!

Opening soon! A World First! 3D Graffiti!

We have something special cooking. Chu and Liam ‘Gwarm’ Hayhow have made the world’s first hand painted 3D Graffiti installation. Health warning! It makes pregnant women sick. First, Wreckage rolled his Dinosaur around the corner… Then we built this Chu-cube. It’s a miracle. Shoes off, glasses on, STEP INSIDE THE THIRD DIMENSION! Version 1 is pictured – and it’s going Mutate into something even betterer if that’s even possiblerer… The experience will be open to the public soon – details to come in next few days. See you soon friends.