Mutate Argentina opens!

Helloooooo Argentina! We are proud to welcome our first overseas department recently established by Bruno Sirota. Mutate International begins:

Inspired by a trip to Cordy House with Mutate legend Carrie “The Baroness” Von Reichardt – Bruno returned to his homeland to spread the good words: Mutate or die!

We’re looking forward to developments from our new found Argentinian Fam and are proud to have offered inspiration and motivation, go go Bruno and all the Argentina crew!


YES! It’s the weekend after Glastonbury. This is the first time I’ve been able to express genuinely positive emotion. On reflection, the whole South East Corner absolutely SMASHED it this year – particularly The Unfairground which was named as best field by The Telegraph of all papers)

Joe, Wreckage, Sam Haggerty, Liam ‘Gwarmination’ Hayhow, Pete Henham, Dave (the master behind the 30ft fire breathing bust), Dhugal, Teddy Baden, Kabz, Fang, Dotmasters, Dr D, Best Ever, Zadok, Aile and LOADS more 100% champions – you made something amazing. It was much more than a field, it was an exhibition of extraordinary talent. It really was. It’s amazing to write that. Thank you all.

This video gives a little intro to The Unfairground and Shangri-La – but the next one, coming in a week or so, will be a block buster – so hold tight for that one!

There were all kinds of secret sets across the weekend. And these were ACTUAL SECRETS for people who ACTUALLY KNOW. Not that Park Stage ’secret’ business where even the flag wavers were in on it. Here are some snaps of Fat Boy Slim smashing the crowd with some Glasto-exclusive selections. There’s something about mixing the word ‘Glastonbury’ with an expletive after 2am that is magic…


More pics detailing all the incredible new features in the field coming soon! We are moving, shaking and mutating…

Anti Greed Give Away 2 – coming soon to a town near you!*

*If you live in Dublin, Pete’s home town.

Peter is back painting, painting, painting, allllwaaaayssss painting – just to give them all away! The man is mad. Good mad mind, not bad mad.

Watch this space and Peter Dunne’s website for more details – the next one is in June…

Mutate and Peter Dunne’s ANTI-GREED GIVE-AWAY IS HERE!

Helllloooooo London.

Pete Dunne has been squirreled away in Cordy House for weeks, painting, painting, painting – and finally his epic mission is coming to an end. 300 signed originals to be given away on 31.3.2011 in the heart of The City of London, EC2M 5ND. Join the Mutate Facebook page for more pics and info. Starts at 1pm but arrive early to avoid disappointment – you’ll be treated to a white gloved gallery experience from our courteous staff, each piece is unique and there are over 40 styles to choose from, all are topical and poignant:

Pete is highly respected in Mutate circles for his work as an oil painter which sells for £thousands, see ‘Mamon’ below:

Now, I don’t know about you but I am with MERVYN KING, THE GOVERNOR OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND when I say “I’m surprised the real anger (at the banks) hasn’t been greater than it has” and, “The people whose jobs were destroyed were in no way responsible for the excesses of the financial sector and the crisis that followed.” – NOT MY WORDS – THE GOVERNOR OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND!!!

So – in support of The Robin Hood Tax, which would raise billions to stop cuts to our frontline services and benefit poor people in the UK and abroad, Pete Dunne has painted 300 works which we are giving away – to set an example, to say STOP profiteering at the expense of the human race and START accepting responsibility for your actions! Each piece carries a personal message from people across the UK who are concerned over cuts or angry at the banks…

…and here’s a reminder from the great Bill Nighy of our last outing in support of the RHT – if you’d have told me then that most of Europe would have signed up to support a tax on banks by 31.3.2011 I’d have doubted you! But they have – so now it’s up to us say to say: Oi! Cameron! The Banks are responsible – make them pay! NOW!

New Dotmasters and Pete Dunne

Latest works from two Mutate artists – pointing out a few things…

Cordy House shutters – CHU

CHU once again comes correct and steps up to provide a typographic optical illusion on the front of the now legendary Cordy House…

more from the graffiti wizard of walsall HERE

RIGHT ROYAL MUG – Carrie Reichardt

Mutate crew member, activist artist and renegade potter Carrie Reichardt has produced a contentious subversion of ceramic royal wedding memorabilia.

The ‘Right Royal Mug’ has divided local public opinion on whether it’s acceptable to flagrantly disrespect the Monarchy, with some locals believing the wedding to be a perfect opportunity to celebrate the greatness of being British.

Produced in the UK by ‘Heraldic Pottery’ in Stoke on Trent and has a Limited Edition of only 500. . At a price of only £40 per piece, each piece is made from the finest English Bone China and there’s been no expense spared producing the UK’s Underground Version of the stuffy Royal approved collection.

A true ‘Anarchy Heirloom’ to be passed down from generation to generation! In addition, £5 from the sale of every ‘mug’ is being donated to fund frontline video activists ‘Reel News’. These priceless artworks arrive to your door in their very own signed and numbered box .

If you wish to buy one… quick before they all go as already it has a backlog of pre-release reservations. They can be purchased from her website at www.carriereichardt.com

Brand new work at Cordy House from Chu, Dotmasters, T.wat, David Walker, Mr. E Dawe, Wreckage and more…

Woop woop, we are in full swing at the moment and Cordy House is getting bombed by selected friends. In a shocking buff Wreckage cained the last Obey piece we had clinging to the outside of the building! Go Wreckage, it’s time for new, so out with old – there’s a new work by the master Mutoid going up there this week to compliment Mr. E Door’s open hearted effort that’s opposite – pics of those on way but here are the new works from Dotmasters and T.wat: Great new pieces from T.wat – there’s more pics to come and Chu’s INCREDIBLE kitchen sink scientific Graffiti Cubed walk in experience is opening next Thursday so get on the hype!