Giles ‘Mutoid Robots’ Walker Presents: The Last Supper: Sat 24th March 11am – 4pm

This will be fascinating. Giles’ work has appeared around the world in galleries, muddy fields, on stages and on plinths – he was described by the recently deceased Oscar winning Director Ken Russel as a ‘genius’. This exhibition sees the sculptor create the Last Supper from robots rebuilt from refused appliances and materials only the Walker hawk eye could spot and assemble. Consider going to this show, it will augment your conversational ability one evening.

Giles Walker’s website
Giles at Black Rat Projects

Mutoid Documentary discovered!

Jeff found a disc. A ‘CD Rom’ I gather it’s called. On this ‘Rom’ is not some schmaltz starring Adam Sandler – no no – it’s a Mutoid doc that we’re calling “Mutoid Sam and The Notting Hill Carnival.” It’s an amazing window into Mutoid life in the early 90s, starring sculptors Sam Haggerty, Lyle Rowell as well as other figures still on the scene… that’s Jeff at the start. Magic.

Huge props to Sarah de Beach who made the film, we have literally no idea how you did it in the days of VHS – did you use scissors?

The film is 47 minutes and is up on one chunk, so sit back, put your Walkman down, crack open a Tab Clear and enjoy!

PS – Sam says hello:

Mutoids rock Fuji year after year…

The Mutoids have been helping to make the Fuji Rocks Festival into the successful spectacle it is for years now – and they recently got back from their latest sortie which saw tens of thousands of Japan-o-ravers get it on all night long in the Palace of Wonder. Here’s are a few snaps from recent years thanks to the festival’s organisers Smash UK. Honorable.

Mutate Britain x The Unfair Ground x Mutoid Waste Company

Lots more images on the way!