New Dotmasters and Pete Dunne

Latest works from two Mutate artists – pointing out a few things…

Support The Robin Hood Tax NOW!

Troopers: We are back in full support of The Robin Hood Tax Campaign!

Now is the time for this simple and revolutionary idea.

On the 14th of January the French and the Germans changed the game when they lead the charge for a tax on banks. Cameron is sitting on the fence. Now is the time to make your voice heard if you care about right and wrong. Check the Robin Hood Tax website – and watch this space for news.

Last year, as Carrie Reichardt pointed out with the below piece, bankers were paid £7 billion in bonuses. This is a fundamental social injustice. That money could have been spent on for example: 32 new hospitals or free education for 800,000 of our most promising students. For the gimzo (supported by official figures) that shows you how banks bonuses might better be spent, look here.


It is only fair that banks pay their share.
The public are rightly angry that banks took our economy to the brink, but we are paying to clear up the mess. Whilst we feel the effects of the cuts and tax rises, they are receiving billions in bonuses. A Robin Hood Tax would show we really are all in this together as it would fall on those who can afford to pay.

The Robin Hood Tax offers a real alternative to cuts.
Banks in the UK can afford to pay an extra £20 billion a year in tax. This offers a real alternative to cuts in public services that will hurt millions of people in the UK and around the world. The choice between helping those here in the UK and abroad is a false choice; a Robin Hood Tax on banks is a fair and practical way to do both.

We can turn a crisis for banks into an opportunity for the world.
Millions of poor people at home and abroad are suffering from an economic crisis they did nothing to cause and millions more are facing the devastating effects of climate change. A Robin Hood Tax can raise hundreds of billions globally to help them.

It’s been some time since Dr D, Carrie Reichardt, Kennard-Phillips, Pete Dunne and Dotmasters brought their work together for an exhibition we ran in support of The Robin Hood Tax. Here’s a video reminder, featuring exemplary gentleman Bill Nighy:

Next we plan a new series of supporting artwork in the form of campaign banners. Let’s unite beneath them. Let’s take to the streets and show that we are engaged, that we care and that we have had enough!