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Carrie ‘The Baroness’ Reichardt conquers Argentina!

Carrie Reichardt, recently returned from an international meeting of artists who were invited to  Buenos Aires, Argentina, to create  an intervention on the façade of the Center for Sports Activities, Cultural and Recreational “Roberto De Vicenzo, located on 148 Street – if you  know the area?! Carrie smashed her iconic and revolutionary style and says she had an epicly happy time, making a whole load of new friends in the process…
The intention was to activate the public space and reflect from the contemporary art on the cultural, social and political. 40 artists from  Poland, England, Italy, USA, Uruguay, Cuba, Latvia, El Salvador, Peru, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Argentina, Chile, Seberia, South Korea, Mexico and more made up the crew. You can see Carrie’s ever expanding exhibitions of Craftivist mosaiced genius at the Art for Tibet show http://www.aaa-a.org/2010/08/30/art-for-tibet/ and at the London Miles Gallery’s show http://issuu.com/londonmiles/docs/madeinbritiancatalog and in Ibiza tonight apparently!