Stephen Powers aka ESPO is in London. The crew have been cold chilling at Cordy Heights in prep for an upcoming show and its a true pleasure to host and hang out with such talent! If you don’t know his work, read on to find out more – with humour and hand styles for miles and miles, his fresh approach and dedication to graffiti ensures he is still regarded as one of the finest and his work since crossing over to public murals and community commissions alongside exhibiting work in major galleries has maintained the grade! In the words of the man himself “Adore n Endure” here are some photos and sneak peek at some of the pieces for the exhibition.

In 1984 Steve Powers started climbing rooftops in his neighborhood and painting his alias ESPO as a dues paying member of the ICY graffiti club. 25 years later he returned home to Philadelphia in the summer of 2009 to write a love letter across the same rooftops facing the Market-Frankford line. The letter, meant for one, with meaning for all, encompasses 50 walls on a 20 block stretch of market street. Drawing input, inspiration, and work from the community Powers created a letter to and from west Philly. This unprecedented public art project was a collaboration of Powers, The Mural Arts Program, and the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage. It required 1200 cans of spray paint, 800 gallons of bucket paint, and the skilled hands of 20 of the finest spray painters in America, who Powers put into the legendary ICY club.