YES! It’s the weekend after Glastonbury. This is the first time I’ve been able to express genuinely positive emotion. On reflection, the whole South East Corner absolutely SMASHED it this year – particularly The Unfairground which was named as best field by The Telegraph of all papers)

Joe, Wreckage, Sam Haggerty, Liam ‘Gwarmination’ Hayhow, Pete Henham, Dave (the master behind the 30ft fire breathing bust), Dhugal, Teddy Baden, Kabz, Fang, Dotmasters, Dr D, Best Ever, Zadok, Aile and LOADS more 100% champions – you made something amazing. It was much more than a field, it was an exhibition of extraordinary talent. It really was. It’s amazing to write that. Thank you all.

This video gives a little intro to The Unfairground and Shangri-La – but the next one, coming in a week or so, will be a block buster – so hold tight for that one!

There were all kinds of secret sets across the weekend. And these were ACTUAL SECRETS for people who ACTUALLY KNOW. Not that Park Stage ’secret’ business where even the flag wavers were in on it. Here are some snaps of Fat Boy Slim smashing the crowd with some Glasto-exclusive selections. There’s something about mixing the word ‘Glastonbury’ with an expletive after 2am that is magic…


More pics detailing all the incredible new features in the field coming soon! We are moving, shaking and mutating…

Mutoid Documentary discovered!

Jeff found a disc. A ‘CD Rom’ I gather it’s called. On this ‘Rom’ is not some schmaltz starring Adam Sandler – no no – it’s a Mutoid doc that we’re calling “Mutoid Sam and The Notting Hill Carnival.” It’s an amazing window into Mutoid life in the early 90s, starring sculptors Sam Haggerty, Lyle Rowell as well as other figures still on the scene… that’s Jeff at the start. Magic.

Huge props to Sarah de Beach who made the film, we have literally no idea how you did it in the days of VHS – did you use scissors?

The film is 47 minutes and is up on one chunk, so sit back, put your Walkman down, crack open a Tab Clear and enjoy!

PS – Sam says hello:

Major Lazer at Nottinghill Carnival 2010

Mutate Britain brought the heat to the Major Lazer x Red bull Music Academy party at Nottinghill Carnival this year. Featuring robotic installations by Giles Walker and a fire breathing dragon by Pakka, the party was one to remember with sets from the legend that is David Rodigan, Major Lazer and special guest appearance by Lee Scratch Perry. Watch this video produced by Mutate collaborators HIT+RUN to see what all the hype was about…

Mutoids rock Fuji year after year…

The Mutoids have been helping to make the Fuji Rocks Festival into the successful spectacle it is for years now – and they recently got back from their latest sortie which saw tens of thousands of Japan-o-ravers get it on all night long in the Palace of Wonder. Here’s are a few snaps from recent years thanks to the festival’s organisers Smash UK. Honorable.

Glastonbury warm up Warehouse Party

The Glastonbury warm up is getting hotter, Village Underground will be a smasher: Art is being painted, Sculpture sculpted and DJs are selecting selections! Big thanks to Village Underground and all the DJs for their support of our Glastonbury campaign



Decode: Digital Design Sensations at the V&A showcases the latest developments in digital and interactive design, from small, screen-based, graphics to large-scale interactive installations. The exhibition includes works by established international artists and designers such as Daniel Brown, Golan Levin, Daniel Rozin, Troika,  Karsten Schmidt and our very own Giles Walker, here is sneak preview of his new piece and also an image of the infamosu pole dancers with MuTATE friend Lilly Allen!

Lovely Innit – Fashion show 19th Dec

Brought to you by the fabulous… Rachel Freire and Conchita Perez