Kick start the campaign for London’s biggest public Art Gallery

As per standard the Advertiserers are harpooning East London Street Art in a bid to make their brands look better than they really are. Who likes this? No one. Not because they spend their bucks on paying artists to paint. That’s fine. More because the work is, 99% of the time, so thin it’s transparent. You can see straight through it to a row of desks and Executives. We like it when there’s some element of the work that isn’t entirely intended to promote a financial transaction.

Speaking of transactions, and as luck would have it, our friends at Village Underground have an idea. A project. It’s called The Wall. With your help they want to make London’s biggest public art gallery. The best part is that you can be a part of it, have a look, donate a dollar, we have and we think you should consider it, perhaps even do it:

Click HERE to get involved