YES! It’s the weekend after Glastonbury. This is the first time I’ve been able to express genuinely positive emotion. On reflection, the whole South East Corner absolutely SMASHED it this year – particularly The Unfairground which was named as best field by The Telegraph of all papers)

Joe, Wreckage, Sam Haggerty, Liam ‘Gwarmination’ Hayhow, Pete Henham, Dave (the master behind the 30ft fire breathing bust), Dhugal, Teddy Baden, Kabz, Fang, Dotmasters, Dr D, Best Ever, Zadok, Aile and LOADS more 100% champions – you made something amazing. It was much more than a field, it was an exhibition of extraordinary talent. It really was. It’s amazing to write that. Thank you all.

This video gives a little intro to The Unfairground and Shangri-La – but the next one, coming in a week or so, will be a block buster – so hold tight for that one!

There were all kinds of secret sets across the weekend. And these were ACTUAL SECRETS for people who ACTUALLY KNOW. Not that Park Stage ’secret’ business where even the flag wavers were in on it. Here are some snaps of Fat Boy Slim smashing the crowd with some Glasto-exclusive selections. There’s something about mixing the word ‘Glastonbury’ with an expletive after 2am that is magic…


More pics detailing all the incredible new features in the field coming soon! We are moving, shaking and mutating…

Carrie Reichardt, Joe Rush, Wreckage and Nick Reynolds create historic public art in Liverpool

As this BBC news pipe now proclaims!

MONSTER FREE PARTY SAT 30TH with Mutoid Artwork!

Tomorrow at 22:00 – Sunday at 06:00 Location 303 Camberwell New Rd


Halloween festival for all of London’s monsters with a mix of horrific delights and, just like the good old days, all for FREE! That’s true monster spirit…

Live acts comprising of London’s unique and fresh musical collectives: L S DIEZEL / DAJJAH / POETICAT / MAYBE MYRTLE TYRTLE / PUNKTURE SLUTS + World’s Tallest DJ + more breaks and beats till dawn

PLUS MUTOID WASTE sculptures thanks to Sam Haggerty and Alex Wreckage
Super sexy fire show by ANNA THE HULAGAN
THE MIGHTY BOOTH for Monstrously scary photographs
MAD HATTERS’ ABSINTHE TEA PARTY served up from a trailer for proper ear slicing endeavours
NINJA SUSHI BAR for late Night Snacks >br> SMUCK’S SECRET FUNKY BUS for some dancing transport stylee


Brand new work at Cordy House from Chu, Dotmasters, T.wat, David Walker, Mr. E Dawe, Wreckage and more…

Woop woop, we are in full swing at the moment and Cordy House is getting bombed by selected friends. In a shocking buff Wreckage cained the last Obey piece we had clinging to the outside of the building! Go Wreckage, it’s time for new, so out with old – there’s a new work by the master Mutoid going up there this week to compliment Mr. E Door’s open hearted effort that’s opposite – pics of those on way but here are the new works from Dotmasters and T.wat: Great new pieces from T.wat – there’s more pics to come and Chu’s INCREDIBLE kitchen sink scientific Graffiti Cubed walk in experience is opening next Thursday so get on the hype!

Mutating Wales – Pics from Newport

It’s the final weekend of the Big Splash in Newport where a good slice of the Mutate crew have been installed for a couple of weeks running painting workshops, painting new work themselves and displaying sculptures. If you have any pics you want to show them get in contact – here a photo blog of some of the work, thanks to On Par Productions for the images:

Look out Neeewpooort!

So, next up on the menu is Mutate Britain’s bank holiday excursion to Wales – thass right, we’re orf tew Neeeewpooort on the A 4042, traffic will enrage you – come visit us?! As part of the Big Splash event (Sat 28th Aug – Sunday 5th Sept in downtown Newport) Garfield, Teddy Baden, Wreckage, Matt ‘Spidey’ Webb and the crew will bring some Mutate style to the banks of the River Usk; expect giant Mutoid mosquito monoliths and Street Art from our stable, Bristol and of course the local contingent – all curated by Teddy Baden and Wreckage. Pictured is Dep grafting at the Teddy Baden dog pound… Everyone welcome as always – and if you live locally and would like to lend a helping hand please let us know by emailing [email protected] More news coming soon on this one – I’ve seen a lot of sewing machines around recently…

Glastonbury warm up Warehouse Party

The Glastonbury warm up is getting hotter, Village Underground will be a smasher: Art is being painted, Sculpture sculpted and DJs are selecting selections! Big thanks to Village Underground and all the DJs for their support of our Glastonbury campaign


Wreckage takes the scalpal to Jennifer Crouch

wrekage_intreview_JENCROUCH http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenism www.fbbb.co.uk www.handmadeandbound.com